Reclaim Our Dignity National Campaign

Please share your story by writing a two (2) paragraph letter expressing how your life has been negatively impacted by “mug shot” and/or “repair your reputation” companies. Please include how having your image exploited on the Internet by these firms has unjustly affected how you function in society. Is your record expunged and your information is still posted on mug shot websites? If you are unable to physically write your letter, please have a family member or a friend write it for you.

We cannot fix the problem if we don’t expose the problem!  Help us to share the problem with our Lawmakers.  Help us advocate for Federal laws to protect us from extortion. Let’s advocate banning mug shot companies for good as they are causing more harm than good in society.

Please send your emails to or mail your letters to: Reclaim Our Dignity, Inc. 8491 Hospital Drive, # 204, Douglasville, GA 30134.

STOP Do Not Pay Mug Shot Companies