About us

Mission Statement: “Reclaim Our Dignity” (R.O.D.) is a nonprofit organization advocating on the behalf of individuals who find themselves physically, emotionally, or financially victimized by unscrupulous persons. Once this crime has been committed, they then encounter further insult by being scrutinized by society, unfairly targeted by the social media, and then cast away by the justice system. We offer continuous moral support while bringing public awareness to their plight. Our organization involves itself by advocating for Victims Rights, while ensuring personal development, education, and leadership opportunities. Restoring one’s dignity will occur with the proper support and education. We believe YOU are worth the fight.

Vision: We stand as a constant reminder of our moral obligations to common decency and fairness. Our vision is for people to treat each other with dignity and respect regardless of race, creed, gender, or color. We charge legislators to address and propose change in the broken areas of our society. We expect each citizen to become a positive contributor to ensure our country stands united and committed to fairness, justice, compassion, respect, love, and integrity. Our purpose is to strive toward protecting and securing our rights and privacy, and to a speedy restoration of one’s dignity.

Business Philosophy: We believe fighting for honor, dignity, and justice without prejudice is a legacy worth passing on. We will partner with business organizations, religious affiliations, governmental agencies and community members who share our common goal of reaching and assisting victimized members of this country.